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There it is again — this feeling of wanting to jump inside her chest, to be infleshed, full inside, nestled and beating. It is the only way to describe this love. It’s not sexual — it lacks that same sort … Continue reading

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Naming It

There always comes that awkward moment in every budding romance when you have to give each others’ genitals a name. Not pet names, but names that allow you to communicate certain desires. The problem here is that not everyone uses … Continue reading

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The Unsexy Bikini

It defies sexual logic but here’s what I think — women in swimsuits, even in bikinis, are not very sexy at all. Having spent the last two days at the beach and the pool, I can say that, yes, I … Continue reading

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Faces and the Occupations of the Mind

I like data. I’m naturally drawn to complex things that don’t really involve people — electronics, maps, architectural diagrams, programming code, chess, mechanical stuff, etc., and I’m really comfortable picking up a complex thing that I’ve never seen before. These … Continue reading

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Facing Faces

I’m bad with faces. For the last four years, I lived in a leafy suburb where I would see mothers, fathers, and children at school or around town, and I just could not remember if I’d met them before, or if I … Continue reading

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Island – 2

Less than a minute after they sat down at their outdoor table, she had already picked out their lunches and was waving the waiter over. A dark shape passed briefly across the waiter’s face as he saw her and then it returned … Continue reading

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Did a Soulmate Kill My Cat?

There are definitely times when having an anonymous blog is a good thing, where you can be completely crazy and not have to worry about the phone calls the next day. This is one of those times. So here’s the … Continue reading

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