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Prone to musing and to being prone. Father to two, writer, engineer.

Open Book

The book lay between them. Something soft, something breathing lightly in the corner of the room. “Open it,” he said. She turned to stare off into some spectacular distance. The book had been on the “A” shelf but he had … Continue reading

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There it is again — this feeling of wanting to jump inside her chest, to be infleshed, full inside, nestled and beating. It is the only way to describe this love. It’s not sexual — it lacks that same sort … Continue reading

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The Road Home

The Joni Mitchell song was playing in his head when he stepped out of the car onto the highway. The salt lick – it was for her cows, she’d said, but he thought it might be laced with LSD – … Continue reading

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The “After” Phase

There it was at the end of the sentence, right as she was about to hang up — “sweetie.” Like I hadn’t almost said it to her before, but I guess I have the wits to stop myself and she … Continue reading

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Living in the DMZ

Today I reserved a lovely one-bedroom suite at a lodge in Colorado, with a gas fireplace, two-person Jacuzzi, and a mountain view, the latest piece of the typical puzzle of how my girlfriend and I ever get to see one … Continue reading

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Box of Leaves

It was after one of their crying jags, when the Kleenex pile grew in the middle of the floor in between their holding each other and talking, that he made a fist and touched her softly in the middle of … Continue reading

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Intention and the Desire to Write

You say you “want to write,” but what is your intention? At your age, you’ll need to consider and weigh every move against how long it will take to get there, with how much effort, who will be there at … Continue reading

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