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Box of Leaves

It was after one of their crying jags, when the Kleenex pile grew in the middle of the floor in between their holding each other and talking, that he made a fist and touched her softly in the middle of … Continue reading

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Intention and the Desire to Write

You say you “want to write,” but what is your intention? At your age, you’ll need to consider and weigh every move against how long it will take to get there, with how much effort, who will be there at … Continue reading

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One Thing

He only did one thing well. This new medication, it – went to his head. In the coffee shop he tapped out a sequence on the table, tappity-to-tap-to-tappity-to-tap, until he got it right. Those people were looking but he had … Continue reading

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Just Eat Brownies

Scuffing the pavement, I tossed more rocks into my father’s garden. I kept an eye on the street. I’d see a car turn the corner in the distance – glint of a chrome bumper — sure I saw legs. A … Continue reading

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Math Problem

Hannah is scrunched up on the floor, writing, in a position only a gymnast could find comfortable. Her pencil moves quickly. It’s 9:30, and it’s past her bedtime. “Daaaaad. Just one more minute!”  She isn’t pleading – with her, it’s … Continue reading

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