Chanson of a First Kiss

On the lamplit front porch of summer 

chanson of longing caresses her windchimed bells

the drought of wonder now over on unsteady legs

swaying with him, gently swaying

firefly soft light and the tahitian midnight

of his blue desire coming ashore

lapping the edges of sense and mystery

He moved gently

wrapping himself

in the musk of her flowering

and her knowing

cupped her pain as though his own

and moved with her into her trusted territories

her grasses and green unleafed desire

He drew her inner drawings with her own hand,

an uncharted tear swelling

like a whole ocean

enchanted by home where their finally met

trembling and soft and as perfect

as the full moon tide

this, the kiss

the birth of the kiss began before time

its gestation serpentine slow

pausing by riverbanks of surprise

meandering north through immensities and

propensities of water bowled in

ring after ring of lakeside summers

sknnydipped balls wafer-thin cotton clinging

to her breathlessness

its wild cicrus turning in tumult of clown

and acrobatic finesse to make its way


finally to that porch

her knees buckling to the pleasing

wrapped in the coat of arms of the gentle genie-ology

of that journey and inside her mouth

the unbottled madness…