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Cultural Clutter and Art

Celebrity and the Fascinati M. reads People magazine, and freely admits it. I read it when she’s asleep, and won’t admit it to anyone. (And yeah, “reading” is overstating it). That magazine is the only reason that I have a … Continue reading

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More Infinity, Please

Today I saw a woman who engendered in me one of those sub-vocal “Mmm-mmm-mmmm” sounds — you know, picture of beauty and all that. Immediately after, I imagined her at home doing something not particularly interesting — the thought wasn’t … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Finishing an Erotic Story

It was 1994, and the young man was “in a state,” as they say, with no girlfriend and no access to pornography. So he decided to write his own fantasy. Herein illustrates the problem of writing erotica for yourself when … Continue reading

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