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The Unsexy Bikini

It defies sexual logic but here’s what I think — women in swimsuits, even in bikinis, are not very sexy at all. Having spent the last two days at the beach and the pool, I can say that, yes, I … Continue reading

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The Unplanned Day: When the Infinite Meets Its Ugly Brother

I love the morning of a day with nothing planned. But it also fills me with dread. I am America, and this is my story on this Fourth of July. It is rare to have nothing planned. It is a … Continue reading

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Low Dewpoints and the Swell of Desire

Right now the air is really, really┬ádry — low dewpoint — and I’m feeling it in my shorts. There’s something about dry air that does that to me, and maybe to everybody else — don’t really know. I do know … Continue reading

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