The Rabbi’s Breasts

Ever since I attended a wedding officiated by a rather stunning female rabbi, I’ve been unable to find two words that create as much cognitive dissonance when used together as “rabbi” and “breasts.”

Am I right? Doesn’t it just short-circuit your brain to hear them together?  And I wasn’t even raised as a Jew. I suppose you can do that with any “sacred” sort of word/association, when you couple it (‘scuse the pun) with a “carnal” word/association. But maybe it’s something about rabbis in particular that makes it so — dissonant.

If anyone actually read this blog, I’d expect to be offered numerous similar pairings — I won’t even go down that road.  But, well — ok — “Jesus” and “testicles” for starters.  Nah — doesn’t have the same impact for me. Maybe it’s because I actually know rabbis with breasts.

But I dunno — I’m pretty sure I could never, ever have sex with one. I doubt that I could even fantasize about one.  The idea kind of makes me shrink in a big way.

About David

Prone to musing and to being prone. Father to two, writer, engineer.
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