Legs in the shower

Sometimes I get the strangest sense of my legs, usually when I’m in the shower. Here’s how it goes: I’m washing and looking at my feet on the floor, and noticing that they are connected to my legs just so, and that this apparatus is holding me up vertically, so that I can look down on them, and why not some other arrangement? The legs seem totally random. I mean, everyone that has legs is pretty well used to them. We don’t notice them, not as a baby would, not as if for the first time — because duh, it is about the millionth time. And our consciousness is situated, generally, above the neck, sometimes in our chest when emotional, sometimes farther south when otherwise aroused, but really, our consciousness rarely spends much time with our legs/feet. They are so neglected, so underappreciated.

So when I do this, it feels like I could be floating. Well, not quite — it just feels amazing that my legs are thus, that I could have, say, flat round paddles down there, or balls, or anything. I often get the image of a chicken — chicken legs.

I guess it just feels amazing that these legs hold me up, as though they were down there all day doing a job and not really talking or asking for anything, just carrying the rest of me around.

Like I said, it’s kinda weird.

About David

Prone to musing and to being prone. Father to two, writer, engineer.
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